Dec 11, 2015

Zippy Lulu Wrap


Loom Knitting Advent, Day 11, brings you a lovely Zippy wrap. Worked with super bulky yarn, the Zippy wrap can be worked in less than 2 days!

Designed by Isela Phelps

Day 11

Knitting loom: (8) Zippy loom, (4) connectors, (4) corners.

Yarn: Approx 320 yds of Super Bulky yarn. Bernat Mega Bulky yarn was used in sample, 5 skeins in Lino color.

Other: One large button, sample shown with a 2″ diameter button.

Notions: knitting tool, tapestry needle.

Gauge: 4.5 sts x 11 rows=4 inches in stockinette

Size: 28L x 40W inches


K=knit stitch

P=purl stitch






Set up knitting loom to 36 pegs in the round. Knitting loom is set up as the picture below.

Loom set up

Cast on 36 sts, prepare to work a flat panel.

Row 1: k to the end.

Row 2: p to the end.

Rep Row 1 and Row 2: 15 more times (total of 30 rows).

*Next row: k4, bind off 7 sts, k to the end

Next row: p26, cast on 7 stitches using the half hitch technique, p to the end of row.*

Next row: k to the end.

Next row: p to the end.

Rep last two rows: 19 more times (total of 38 rows).

Rep from* to *

Next row: k to the end.

Next row: p to the end.

Rep last two rows: 15 more times (total of 30 rows).

Bind off with basic bind off method. Weave ends in.

Sew button in place, at the top corner of the right side of the wrap.

Zippy Wrap (2)

Zippy Vest on Loom

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